flame retardant rubber

Flame Retardant Rubber Silicone

Section 12 Compliant Products

Flame Retardant Rubber

Ronfell group are specialists in Flame retardant rubber silicone products.

We manufacture extrusion and rubber moulding materials in either Silicone rubber or Fire Resistant EPDM, with applications at temperatures exceeding +300 Deg C and where a “Zero spread of flame” is required to specifications thus averting disasters. Flame retardant rubber is the perfect solution.

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Gate Covers

Conforms to UL requirements – Section 12 compliant.

Help Point Covers

Protect against dust contamination and extremes of temperature

Flame Retardant Products

Ideal for extrusions, jointed rings, sheeting etc

FR Solid Silicone

Cellular Silicone Elastomers are available as profile extrusions.