About Us

Flame Retardant Rubber Specialists

Ronfell Group has for many years specialised in the design, compounding and manufacturing of silicone rubbers. Recent developments of flame retardant silicone rubber and associated materials for London Underground, the Ministry of Defence (MoD Naval) and other Blue Chip companies have indicated further specialisation in sponge and medical products for High Temperature applications.

The numerous beneficial properties of silicone rubber has allowed us to bring solutions to many complex material problems. Ronfell is able to offer a wide range of formatted materials in sizes, strengths and colours to match the most stringent performance specification demanded by our clients and leads to new market opportunities.

Flame Retardant Products for the Oil and Gas Industry

We supply Vibration Rubber Pads, Fire Resistant Cables, Fire Resistant Seals and Fire Resistant Pipe Seals to oil refieneries and off shore installations.

Our FR Cables are ideally suited to oil and gas complexes, refineries and off shore platforms and help prevent the outbreak of fire.

Geographical Markets

Primarily Europe but also world-wide.

Plant and Facilities

5,000 sq ft available.

Inspect / Test Facilities

Quality Control ISO9001.

Quality Approvals

Ministry of Defence Approved Contractor:

• DUNS:39-762-6458

Various companies manufacture products to BS EN ISO 9001.

Principle Customers

Military, KIT Equipment for Police, Security Services, Electrical, electronic components and lighting distributors, heavy equipment manufacturers, medical establishments, mail order companies, supermarkets, retail outlets, food and confectionary producers, high street shops.


Full service capability for manufacturing textiles for public, military and commercial applications.

The company can provide a full customer design and development capability with precision assembly process for all types of silicone, rubber and plastic products.