Fire Resistant EPDM

Fire Resistant – Low Smoke Toxicity – EPDM In Accordance with EN45 545

  • Quality No: 90160
  • Polymer Type: Fire Resistant EPDM
  • Colour: Black
NormCharacteristicsUnitMeasured ValueRequested ValueOK/NC*
NF ISO 7619-1Hardness (in shore A)shA7070 ± 5OK
NF ISO 37Tensile strengthMPa9,2≥ 9OK
NF ISO 37Elongation at break%420≥ 250OK
NF ISO 2285D.R.A 24h at 70°C after 100% elongation%16,7< 20OK
Ageing after 7 days at +70°C
NormCharacteristicsUnitMeasured ValueRequested ValueOK/NC*
NKO ISO 188Hardness variationshA+ 3± 5OK
NKO ISO 188Tensile strength%- 3± 20OK
NKO ISO 188Elongation at break%- 15± 30OK


Temperature of Use

  • From -49°C to +115°C
  • Up to +125°C peak

General Properties

  • Average mechanical properties
  • Very good resistance to ozone
  • Very good resistance to oxidation and atmospheric agents
  • Good resistance to ketone solvents
  • Held poor hydrocarbons, solvents and avoid fats
  • Cleaning with alcohol or soap and water

Compliance information of Fire Resistant EPDM

  • Class E709 C3 I to standard NF F 00-072
  • Class I2, F1 to standard NF F 16-101
  • Conform S4 – SR2 – ST2 to standard DIN 5510-2
  • Conform Fed(15) to standard DIN 5510-2
  • Compliant BS6853 Annex D
  • Compliant ASTM C1166-6 and ASTM E662
  • Class to standard UNI EN-ISO 11925-2
  • Compliant R23HL1 and R24HL2 to standard PR EN NF 45-545-2
  • Class R1-P1-D1-A to Polish standard PN-K-02511:2000
  • Cold resistance to standard NF EN ISO 812
  • Heat resistance to standard UNE-EN 12667:2002
  • Class to standard GOST 12.1.044-89 chapter 4,3 and 4,19
  • Class to standard P1-D1-A-R1 to Polish standard PN-K-02512:2002

In accordance with: EN45 545/NFF 16101/DIN 5510/BS6853/ASTM C 1166/ASTM E662/SMP 800-C